Roller Shutter Door Manufacturers

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Standard Roller Shutter Doors

Every standard roller shutter door comes galvanized for all small retail with slide bolts as precaution.

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Perforation can be used for all retail businesses as a safety precaution and is a regular request for most commercial applications. Perforation gives a transparency within any store to provide the full space Roller shutter with partial visibility.

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Fenestre is used when a client would like to give window-shoppers an option to have maximum visibility within their stores. Fenestre is spaced 30mm x 50mm and gives full space transparency with any store or application.

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Heavy Duty Gearboxes

Heavy duty gearboxes are designed to support roller shutter doors up to 6m x6m.

Extra Heavy Duty Gear Boxes

Extra heavy duty gearboxes are designed to support roller shutter doors up to 9m x9m.

Through The Wall Gear Box

Through the wall gearboxes are designed for roller shutter doors that have a door fitted on the inside and will beat the necessity of a wicket gate to operate the roller shutter door from the outside.

Chain Drive

Chain sets are provided in only the highest quality and is considered the best and most modern form of roller shutter functionality. We provide the best type of chain sets in the form of cast iron for the highest level of customer satisfaction and life long item value. Complete chain sets offer an additional locking mechanism for extra safety precautions to ensure our customers that reliability and ease of mind for safety and security.

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Motor Operation

The latest motor in the roller shutter industry currently is the battery back-up powered motor system. It provides up to five days of roller shutter power operation during power surges and blackouts. Battery backup motors has an independent locking system which ensures that no other locking mechanism would be necessary. LionsGate Doors ranges in a large variety of motor systems which depend entirely on the size of roller shutter required to support the load. The largest motor available supports up to 1.5 tons of mass.

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Basic Standard

Every roller shutter door is provided in basic black on end plates, guides, shaft and t-bar. The slats and dust cover is standard galvanized.

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Special Requirements

All roller shutters can be visually modified to customer satisfaction in appearance and colour. Apperance and Colors to match clients specifications.

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Powder Coating

Powder coating applications are generally more costly, but give a much higher quality and is far more appealing and attracts a more professional clientele.

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Locking Mechanisms

Slide Bolts

Slide bolts are a standard feature in all roller shutters and is applied to both ends of the T-bar. This is a strong locking mechanism to ensure authorized personnel entry only.

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Super Secure Locks

Super secure locks are very high rated among roller shutter door safety. This is the strongest form of safety locking mechanism in roller shutter technology. The super secure lock protrudes firstly through the front of the guide then through the middle of an aligned slat, through the back of the guide and into the wall. This barrel like mechanism is impenetrable and is the best locking system available in roller shutter technology.

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Benefits to having your very own roller shutter door:

Roller shutter doors are rated to be the best form of security in the country. Roller shutters are petrol bomb resistant. Roller shutters are storm resistant and can withstand tremendous weather conditions. Roller shutters can be custom designed to satisfy any customer’s application specifications. Roller shutters are water resistant and prevent any leaks through the mat of the roller shutter in wet conditions.