Why you should get Lionsgate Group to do your roller shutter door installation

Lionsgate Group is a reputable company that specialises in roller shutter door installation solutions. It should be important to attest to the 19 years of experience that Lionsgate Group has. In addition to this, the 10-year warranty is what distinguishes Lionsgate Group from the rest!

Our core services extend to industrial roller shutter doors with manufacturing of the roller shutter doors to to specification. Lionsgate Group believes in providing a comprehensive and professional service to all industries, contexts and clients through installation, maintenance and repairs.

The optional services available from Lionsgate Group include powder coating, fenestra and perforation.  

 There are three definitive roller shutter doors that Lionsgate Group has to offer:

  1. Standard Roller Shutter Doors

With each standard roller shutter door is a galvanized set of materials that incorporates side bolts as a precaution.

  • Perforation

This mechanism can be used for safety purposes in all retail businesses. The predominant utilisation can be used for commercial applications with a sense of transparency and partial visibility.

  • Fenstre

This specific roller shutter door is to provide window-shoppers an option to have maximum visibility with a spatial specification of 30mm by 50mm.

Lionsgate Group has a dual focus on deliverables to the client when choosing our definitive roller shutter doors: Cost-effectiveness and durability.  

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